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Belarusian meat / Заморское мясо по-белорусски часть 2

Recently, Kremlin propaganda has been resorting to attempts to cause panic among the Ukrainian population — a whole set of disinformation activities is being carried out for this purpose. But misleading information is only one component of the Kremlin’s hybrid warfare. Russia’s military command actively uses proxy forces both for direct participation in combat operations and for reconnaissance and subversive activities. Belarus played a key role in the plans of the Russian General Staff — it was planned, and successfully used, as a bridgehead for the offensive of ground forces, as well as for the basing of aviation, and the training of newly formed units from mobilized personnel. Rumour has it that there was an agreement between Putin and Lukashenko that Belarusian troops would also get involved in the fighting against Ukraine. However, the Belarusian president manages to evade his promises to Vladimir Vladimirovich. What does he do?

The troops of Belarus, as part of the army of the Union State, are entrusted with the task of intelligence support to the units of the Russian Armed Forces temporarily based in Belarus. No one is particularly interested in how they obtain this information. No framework has been established. Given the experience of organizing a refugee crisis on the Belarusian-Polish border, it is not surprising that the Belarusian special services decided to use their database of illegals and legally present citizens of other countries in this situation, too.

As mentioned earlier, the Belarusian Army Command has a task from their Supreme Commander-in-Chief to obtain uninterrupted intelligence about the deployment of the AFU forces along the border with Ukraine. Those activities are aimed at identifying weaknesses in the organized defence, which will be used as routes for the RF Armed Forces’ advance deep into Ukrainian territory. Usually, trained military intelligence professionals are used for such purposes, but not in this case. Now, illegals and other citizens of other countries play the role of sappers — they are sent to look for unmined areas along the border with Ukraine, but without any training or equipment (as a rule, sappers are entitled to ballistic and armour protection of the highest class).

Citizens of Pakistan and Bangladesh, as well as other Eastern and Asian countries, have heard about the good life in Europe. Those illegals who managed to cross the Belarusian-Polish border before the Polish border guards tightened their checkpoints. When they are sent to the mines, they fantasize about this very comfortable life, because the Belarusian KGB deliberately misleads them about their location and route. Employees of the secret service present themselves as volunteers of organizations assisting refugees, and then send citizens of other countries straight to the minefields. The border guards of Ukraine constantly report about unknown persons of eastern appearance and dark-skinned young men who have been blown up in mines. Nobody removes the remains of their bodies — they continue to lie in the open air. With the current weather conditions, the bodies are likely to lie there until spring, before decaying if stray dogs or other animals don’t find them first. This is the kind of meat prepared by Belarusian KGB officers. Therefore, citizens of other countries temporarily staying in Belarus are advised to leave the territory of this country soon, so as not to become an ingredient in their dish.

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