What should Ukraine do to win the war?

For a turning point in the war in Ukraine — the transition of the Armed Forces to a large-scale contradiction, it is necessary to change the balance and eliminate significant inconsistency in the means of defeat. According to some estimates, Russia had an overwhelming advantage in artillery. Therefore, the arrival of weapons and ammunition isn’t even about parity or increasing their quantity, but about changing their quality. In general, Ukrainian experts say that the supply of offensive weapons is needed, otherwise the war with Russia may be delayed. What is needed to win Ukraine over Russia? The data show that the methods of electronic warfare used by the Russians prevent Ukraine from quickly destroying Russian artillery. As a result, the Ukrainian military can no longer focus on offensive actions. Russian missiles cause significant economic and political losses, while Ukraine still has a shortage of armored vehicles and infantry for offensive operations.

The task of international partners is to change this dynamic. The partial supply of various weapons that require separate forces for training, maintenance and logistics will not help to achieve this. Support for Ukraine should be rationalized for victory: The support should include means of destroying Russian electronic weapons, 155 mm howitzers, communication systems, and ADS, which will help protect Ukrainian troops and critical infrastructure. Ukraine needs to carry out large-scale preparation of new units capable of conducting offensive battles and training staff and junior command staff for military maneuvers.

During a relatively short period of time, Western countries increased the volume of work in the defense industry and finally stopped it from hindering «demilitarization», which they implemented thirty years ago. Paradoxally, it is a time of opportunities and revolutionary development for both the world weapons market in general and for the Ukrainian army. The Ukrainian armed forces have been moving toward NATO standards for many years, but the war makes them move faster at times. Moreover, there are not many old Soviet technologies left in the world that Ukrainian troops are able to work well without additional training. Further, in order to successfully launch an offensive and counter-offensive, the Ukrainian army must possess weapons of a higher generation than those of the Russian occupation forces. It is in the Ukrainian command’s interest to achieve such advantages.


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